VTS-DI Frequently Asked Questions
Examination Year: 2022


What are the benefits of being a member of AVTDI?

Becoming a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging (VTS-DI) demonstrates your degree of training on the job for diagnostic imaging modalities. While basic radiology is taught in veterinary technician programs, the higher level imaging modalities are learned through practical experience on the job at academic institutions and specialist practices. Membership will provide a way to further your career in diagnostic imaging. The AVTDI will provide continuing education opportunities to enhance your imaging skills.

Can I use "in-house" CE to complete CE requirements?

An “in house” CE that is RACE approved or equivalent is acceptable for your CE requirement and taught by a Diplomate or VTS speaking on the use of diagnostic imaging modalities

Can I use online CE?

Yes. Online CE is accepted only if it is RACE approved and taught by a Diplomate or VTS speaking on the use of diagnostic imaging modalities.

Is there a limit to the amount of online CE I can use?

No more than ten (10) hours of the forty (40) CE hours required, may come from electronic and/or printed sources.
(Refer to Article VII, Section 1 of the AVTDI Bylaws)

Can I use human CE coursework for my AVTDI CE hours?

Many higher level imaging educational courses that are utilized in veterinary medicine training are based on human medical training courses.  These courses are generally provided by specialists in human radiology or neurology and applies to Veterinary Radiologists and Diagnostic Imaging technicians at the academic and specialist level.  If a human based continuing education course that is provided by a specialist in radiology or neurology is authorized for on the job training by the candidates employment facility, the diagnostic imaging CE course will be allowed to be used towards CE credits required by AVTDI candidates.

Routine human imaging continuing education courses, and human imaging courses not instructed by a specialist in human radiology or neurology will not be accepted for CE credit required by the AVTDI candidates.

How can I get a mentor to help me with questions during the application process?

Contact us on the AVTDI web site to request a mentor to help answer questions regarding the application process. Due to the limited number of mentors available, we can only assign a mentor to an applicant in the year they are actively working on their application.

How does mentorship work?

A mentor will be assigned when requested by an applicant. It is the applicant's’ responsibility to contact the assigned mentor for help with the application process. All communications will be via email only.

Who can sign off on my skills list?

  • A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who is a Diplomate of the ACVR (American College of Veterinary Radiology) and/or a Diplomate of the ECVDI (European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging),
  • a senior third year ACVR/ ECVDI Resident,
  • a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who is a Boarded Specialist in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Surgery, Oncology or Emergency and Critical Care that perform advanced imaging modalities,
  • an AVTDI member, or
  • an credentialed VTS technician/nurse of Internal Medicine, Neurology, Surgery, Oncology or Emergency and Critical Care that perform diagnostic imaging studies and/or advanced imaging modalities.

How does AVTDI define "mastery"  of a particular skill?

Candidates have mastered a skill if they can perform the task safely and consistently, without being coached or directed, no less than three (3) times. Mastery requires having performed the task in a wide variety of patients and situations (refer to the Advanced Skills List in AVTDI Bylaws).

Can I submit my Pre-Application prior to the deadline?

Applicants are encouraged to submit their pre-application prior to the deadline.

What happens if my Pre-Application is late or incomplete?

Your Pre-Application will be rejected if it is submitted late or incomplete.

How will I know if my letters of recommendation have been submitted?

Applicants will be notified when their letters of recommendation have been received.

How long will it take before I know that my Pre-Application or Final Application has been received?

You will receive notification for receipt of your Pre-Application or Final Application within 48-hours.

How long am I notified beforehand to submit my Final Application after my pre-application has been approved?

You will be notified by the credentialing committee within 30-days to submit your Final Application.

What happens if my final application is late or incomplete?

Your Final-Application will be rejected if it is submitted late or incomplete.

How do I submit my application information and case report images?

All Applications and anonymized image files shall be digitally uploaded through the AVTDI website. No paper applications will be accepted. The application should be in a compressed file format.

Will I be able to add something to my Final Application packet after it has been submitted?

Nothing can be added after the final application has been received. The credentialing committee will notify applicants if clarification of materials is required.

Will I be penalized for using spelling or grammar used in the UK?

We recognize there are differences between spelling and grammar in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and spelling and grammar in the United States. No deductions will be taken for British English spellings, consistency will be key and switching back between styles may result in rejection of your application.

When will I know if I am eligible to sit the VTS-DI exam?

Applicants will be notified by April 15, 2021, no less than six (6) months prior to the scheduled examination date.