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Recommended veterinary journals and textbooks regarding veterinary diagnostic imaging.


Below are excellent online resources for continuing education:


Please note many higher-level imaging educational courses that are utilized in veterinary medicine training are based on human medical training courses. This applies for Veterinary Radiologists and Diagnostic Imaging technicians at the Academic and Specialist level.

*Note: No more than ten (10) hours (25%) may come from electronic
and/or printed sources with accompanying certificates of completion.

General Radiology


At Dove

Colorado State University

DVM 360


Purdue University

Vet Bloom

Veterinary Support Personnel Network

VetGirl on The Run

VetMed Team

Vet Rad CE

Academy of Imaging (Soundvet)

Small Animal Ultrasound Imaging

NAVC Institute

Training and techniques in small animal ultrasound


Training and techniques in small animal ultrasound


CT General Safety

FDA Radiation Safety





"Get Your CEU"

- Low Cost CT Courses

VET CT for In-House Training



Nuclear Medicine

Virigina Tech Nuc Med

A general review of nuclear medicine, includes reviews of the basic principles of nuclear medicine, imaging processing, and common nuclear medicine imaging procedures.

GE - Nuclear Medicine


MRI Veterinary Based Training/CE


Large Animal MRI Continuing Education

Hallmarq Video Series

Large Animal MRI CE Videos (Equine Standing)

Veterinary Imaging

AAVR Veterinary MRI

MRI Training Course with John Posh

ACVIM Brain Camp

MRI Training Course

Esaote Seminar

Esaote sponsored seminar, MRI in Veterinary Medicine
Generally takes place every 2-years, alternating Europe and United States

VICSD Veterinary MRI

MRI Training Course with John Posh

MRI General Safety

Applied Radiology

MRI Safety Training

MRI Safety

Advanced MRI

Safety Training for Healthcare Professionals: MRI Operation and Safety

Altus Learn

Safety Training Courses


Continuing Education Meetings

ACVR Annual Scientific Meeting

Held yearly in October at various venues. Since 2018, AVTDI sponsors a veterinary technician CE track.

North American Veterinary Conference

Held in Orlando, Florida. NAVTA sponsors VTS Academy CE tracks for veterinary technicians.

Western States Veterinary Conference

Held in Las Vegas, Nevada. NAVTA sponsors VTS Academy CE tracks for veterinary technicians.

Regional State Veterinary Meeting/Conferences

These meetings/conferences have AVTDI members speakers for diagnostic imaging continuing education.

Specialty Veterinary Conferences

Includes ECC, ACVIM, ACVS with an DACVR and or AVTDI speaker.

More Continuing Education

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