The Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Diagnostic Imaging is dedicated to enabling the accredited veterinary technician the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills to achieve their goal and receive the recognition title: Veterinary Technician Specialist in the field of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (VTS-DI).

The VTS-DI specialty certification is conferred for a period of five (5) years, beginning on the first day of the month that the examination is passed and ending on the same date five (5) years later.

Refer to the sections to the right to learn more on the certification process: 

Next application cycle: 2023-2024


  • Be a veterinary technician/nurse who has graduated from an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) or Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) accredited education program in Veterinary Technology or is credentialed to practice (if available in applicant’s state) as a veterinary technician/nurse by a recognized credentialing body in the United States, Canada, or other country;
  • Be subject to the voting on of specific candidates for unrecognized programs or foreign credentialing by the Board of Regents.
  • Five years (a minimum of 10,000 hrs.) of work experience or its equivalent in the field of veterinary medicine with 75% of that work experience (7,500 hrs.) dedicated in the field of Diagnostic Imaging, clinical or research based. All work experience must be completed within five to seven years prior to the application.

Continuing Education:

  • A minimum of forty (40) continuing education (CE) hours related to veterinary diagnostic imaging and advanced imaging modalities. The continuing education must be completed within the last five to seven years immediately prior to submitting the application.
    • At least ten (10) hours of the CE must be completed within the year of submission.
    • The CE must be RACE-approved or its equivalent, and/or received from an accredited veterinary technician school, school of veterinary medicine, or national/state/local conferences with approved CE in diagnostic imaging methods and/or use of advanced imaging modalities.
    • Proof of attendance is required. Applicants must provide scanned copies provided by the organization to show CE content, relevance and be given by an approved speaker (see AVTDI Bylaws for more specific information on CE requirements).
    • The CE should be listed in the provided template format for review by the Credentials Approval Committee (CE documentation template is provided in the Pre-Application Packet).

Letters of Recommendation:

  • Provide two (2) letters of recommendation (refer to Articles and Bylaws for approved references), submitted separately and confidentially to the AVTDI.


  • Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement
  • Pre-Application fee

All Pre-Application requirements are to be submitted directly on the
AVTDI Pre-Application

Deadline for packet submission for this application term is on October 1, 2023 at 12:00 AM (E.S.T)

Pre-application window for submission is not yet open.


Final Application:

Please note: Submission of the AVTDI Final Application is only applicable to those applicants who have been accepted through the AVTDI Pre-Application process.

Completion of the Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Skills Form:

  • The skills form documents those skills that have not been simply performed but mastered by the candidate and are necessary to practice as a veterinary technician at an advanced level in the field of diagnostic imaging.
  • The skills form may be completed within the last five (5) years immediately prior to submitting the application;
  • Section A (General Radiology) and Section C (Supplemental Skills/Nursing and Pharmacology) may not be duplicated.
    • Skills in Section B (Advanced Imaging and Contrast Examinations) may be duplicated only if those skills are demonstrated using a different modality.
    • Refer to the AVTDI Articles and Bylaws for approved signers for skills form and for additional information on completing this form.

Case Record Logs:

  • Case record logs are to be maintained for one (1) year immediately preceding the submission of the application. The cases shall reflect the mastery of general radiology knowledge and advanced imaging skills required to be applied for imaging of multiple species of veterinary patients;
  • A minimum of forty-five (45) cases must be recorded, not to exceed sixty (60);
  • Recorded cases should have a minimum of two (2) species documented;
  • A minimum of one (1) skill from the veterinary diagnostic imaging skills form should be cross referenced in each case log.

Detailed Case Reports:

  • Six (6) detailed case reports original to the applicant are to be maintained for one (1) year immediately preceding the submission of the pre-application.
  • All case reports must include their corresponding case log number.
  • Recorded cases should have a minimum of two (2) species.
    • 2022 Updates for Applicants:
    • All imaging cases must be anonymized and submitted in a digital format;
    • Two (2) to five (5) images representative of the imaging study in each case report will be submitted with the final application and written case reports.
  • Refer to the AVTDI Articles and Bylaws for more information on requirements for detailed case report and imaging submission.

Specification for completion of the skills form, case logs and case reports will be found in the Final Application Packet.


  • Submit (5) examination questions with corresponding answers for potential future use
  • Final Application fee

All Final Application requirements are to be submitted directly on the
AVTDI Final Application Packet

The AVTDI Final Application submission deadline is on February 1, 2024 at 12:00 A.M (E.S.T)

Final Application window for submission is not yet open.